How to build a DIY solar power plant

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$200 Solar Self-Sufficiency – without your landlord noticing

Building a solar micro-grid in my bedroom with parts from Amazon The problem Apartment renters need the landlord’s permission to install anything on their rooftops.

100W Burning Man Solar + 420Wh Battery How-To

Burning Man is a crazy desert art festival and party in northern Nevada. It takes place on federal public lands and attracts about 60,000 people each year.

What household devices will 100W DIY Solar run

A lot of questions we receive here are as to what you can charge and how far the energy will reach. I thought this would be worth a separate, more in-depth analysis.

Simplified 100W Micro Solar + 150Wh Li-Po Storage kit

The original article combining DIY deep cycle-lead acid batteries with solar to bring your room off-grid was a huge hit. Now, after 8 months living full-time with the system in my room in San Francisco – the battery finally died.

1800W Apartment Balcony Solar + 2400Wh Battery Microgrid that can power fridge

As promised, some shots of my solar (self-made) installation. Running 4 - 5 years straight powering full home office and TV, vacuum cleaning. 2 x 180W solar panels = 360W system (0.

Prepper 1200W solar + 1200Wh battery system: For PG&E outages in California, Florida, Puerto Rico Post-Hurricane, etc

On Youtube, this product combination is currently very popular, as in the videos below. A lack of Gasoline in both Puerto Rico and Florida apparently lead to issues running gas generators there.

Draft 1200W solar + 3600Wh battery system: Shortest Possible Payback Period

Based off the learnings from this midsize 1800W system, I’d like to propose an (as yet unbuilt) midsize system that is customized for short payback period to the best of my knowledge.

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