4 February 2019

Prepper 1200W solar with 1200Wh battery system for PG and E outages in California, Florida, Puerto Rico Post-Hurricane, etc

On Youtube, this product combination is currently very popular as in the videos below. A lack of Gasoline in both Puerto Rico and Florida apparently lead to issues running gas generators there. The main upside to this is its unlimited fuel source. Video and full kit below. The two most popular battery/inverter/controller systems are the Goal Zero Yeti 1400 vs. the Inergy Kodiak systems. Videos to both below, and the Yeti (which is cheaper and similarly specced) linked below.

The kit

Parts Cost on Amazon: $2,064.02

2x Solar Panel

Check latest price on Amazon

Controller, Battery, 2000W Inverter (cable included)

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The calculations

Total system cost: $1195.92

Generation per year:
	200W * 6h on average sunshine = 1.2kWh/day
	1.2kWh/day * 15.34c/kWh * 365 = $67.18/year

Payback: 17.78 years until break-even

if you live off it full-time, that is. Obviously this is a different usage scenario.