Reliable Power Anywhere.

Meet the Sunboxlabs Battery.
Charge in hours for days of power, indoors and out.

Free shipping included


Power up to 3 days


No Fuel or Noise


Indoors & outdoors


Compact & Portable


Recharge in 3-6 hours

🌩 Power Out?
It's a silent backup generator.

  • Plug in essential devices
  • Indoors or out
  • Lights during hurricane season
  • Internet during snowstorms
  • Laptops during wildfire shut-offs
  • Find peace of mind

🏕 Road Tripping? Van life?
It's days of on-the-road power.

  • Your portable power outlet anywhere
  • Power your laptop in the car on a long roadtrip
  • Run your devices off-grid in your van
  • Take it anywhere on your next camping adventure
  • Run your Helium miner with solar in places without an outlet :)

⏱ Hours of performance. See how much.

  • 500W of power output means you can power all the devices to the right, and many at the same time.
  • 540Wh battery means you can run many devices for days

Confused about run time? So is everyone. Choose a device to see runtime below:

Phone 3x
Laptop WiFi
Speakers TV Fan Mini

Hours of runtime:

68 hours +

💵 $0.01
saved every hour vs gas generator

☁️ 0.046 pounds CO2
saved every hour vs gas generator

🔌 Charge in 3-6 hours from any outlet.

  • Never spend a dime on gas again
  • No maintenance – the personal power plan requires virtually none
  • Simply recharge from the wall in 3 hours

Free shipping included

☀️ Get solar bundle for $599 and leave the grid behind.

  • The solar-ready Solar Generator improves mobile living and outdoor life.
  • Add 100W solar to recharge in 5 hours of direct sunshine.
  • Provides efficient solar energy to pair with your power station.
  • Now you have an endless power supply to keep going, even off-the-grid.

Free shipping included!

Premium Construction

  • Equipped with lithium 18650 battery, the same type of battery that Tesla uses.
  • Full short circuit protection, voltage & temperature control.
  • Powerful built-in LED light
  • Safe to use indoors and outdoors.

Complete clarity

  • Real-time screen displays percentage and hours of battery left. No more guessing.
  • Also displays how many watts are currently being consumed.
  • Switch any port on and off.

Tech Specs

Weight: 12.13 lb
Size: 10.24 x 6.7 x 6.82 in
Battery Capacity: Lithium battery 50 Amp Hours (AH) / 540 Watt Hours (WH)
Inverter Output: 500W continuous / 1000W peak (Pure sine wave)
Solar Panel (Optional): Voltage 18V 100W (Battery supports up to 200W)
18 month limited warranty

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DC Adapter Input Charge: DC 24V/3.75A
AC Output Voltage: AC110V±10% 60Hz/AC220V± 10%
Fuse: 3 * 30A
Overheat Protection: >65°C
Cooling Fan: Temperature control fan
Short-circuit Protection: Yes
USB Output: TYPE-C + 2.4A + 2.4A + QC3.0
DC Output 1: Cigarette lighter 12V/8A
DC Output 2: 12V * 2 output ports (4A+4A)
LED Lighting: 5W LED Light
Solar Panel Voltage: DC12V-24V

Get your Sunboxlabs Battery now for $449.

Free shipping included!